About us


Our values:

The foundation of a brand, values create intimate connections with customers, stimulate a sense of belonging, and catalyze emotions that trigger actions and reactions. While embracing the latest trends in the industry, through its clear, linear and minimalist personality, NIHILISM STUDIOS proposes a paradigm shift, a new vision of the world and the contemporary human being. NIHILISM STUDIOS was born as an Italian quality streetwear brand, composed of versatile garments to be used and matched according to everyone's personality, and crosses the boundaries between classic and casual to create a unique style.


The mission of NIHILISM STUDIOS is to offer an evolutionary boost to today's human being, for whom our garments become must-haves underlying contemporary outfits. Today's reality IS nihilistic, and feeling good and comfortable in the world are natural consequences of NIHILISM STUDIOS wearers' relaxed, comfortable and, before anything else, self-aware looks.

Identity: simple and minimal, NIHILISM STUDIOS is the answer to a society that imposes its values on the masses, suppressing and homogenizing the individual identity of the individual; the brand was born and developed simple and minimal precisely to bring out the personality of the wearer. Although young and new, NIHILISM STUDIOS aims to be an alternative way of thinking and approach to life, an innovative way of living in all respects.

Poster: Picture that: typical Milanese evening, dinner with friends that goes on until two in the morning, a few too many drinks. There are those who complain about work, those who criticize the holism inherent in life's misfortunes, and those who dispense the aphorisms of good old Nietzsche-always relevant in the nihilistic age. From Spotify come the placid notes of Debussy threading through thoughts clouded by alcohol vapors. Exalted by the most boorish philosophizing, in a toast we conclude that the mad philosopher with the eccentric mustache is indeed right. "But then why is humanity still stuck at this point?" we ask.

"The problem is hope!" gasps the most tipsy of us, levitating from the ground as if supported by Dionysus himself.

"Argue! You, possessed by the God," we incite in chorus the rest of us.

"Well..." he does, with a dreamy eye.

"Waiting for salvation is our cultural heritage, so we are accustomed to placing hope in someone else outside of us. Our spirits sway in sweet, apathetic anticipation: one waits for promotion or winning the lottery, for the arrival of the new messiah or divine intervention, but faith and prayer are soluble in the world ... ergo, The World Doesn't Care."

"So?" we do, now hanging on his every word.

"Be your own god, that's all. He who has ears to hear, let him hear. Essays and novels no one reads them anymore.... But T-shirts, who knows?"

Then the fellow takes a run-up and jumps out the window. To our astonishment we watch in amazement as he floats through the air until he dissolves into the blackness of the night. At that very instant we realize that no one had ever seen him before or knew who he was, much less remembered inviting him to dinner.